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Detention Officer
Title:Detention Officer
ID:Det. Officer 2018
Department:Detention Services
Title: Detention Officer (Bargaining)                                                                                                                                 Salary Grade: 11

Division/Department: Court Operations/Detention Services                                                                                            Salary: $38,802.65

Reports To: Unit Manager                                                                                                                                                Date Posted: 01/08/2017

FLSA Status: Non-Exempt                                                                                                                                               Last Revised: 01/08/2017


Essential Duties and Responsibilities

To perform this job successfully, an individual must be able to satisfactorily perform each essential duty listed below. Reasonable accommodations will be made for disabled persons covered by the Americans with Disabilities Act, in accordance with its requirements.


Ensures the best possible care, welfare, and security of Cuyahoga County Court of Common Pleas Juvenile Division’s Detention Center (JCDC) residents utilizing behavior management techniques and established policies and procedures.

Assists in the planning of free time activities including exercising, games, sports, arts, crafts and special events.

Monitors, supervises, plans, organizes, and directs the behavior and activities of residents in a manner that insures residents’ safety and staff safety.

Interacts and supervises residents through participation in activities, individual discussions, and modeling behavior. Ensures compliance with all JCDC policies/procedures in order to promote a safe, secure, and humane environment for residents and staff.

Reports any problems or incidents in an appropriate and timely manner to management. Makes timely medical, psychological or behavioral referrals to qualified staff. Directs residents’ regarding JCDC policies, procedures, health, hygiene, housekeeping, and related information.

Maintains a safe and secure environment for both the residents and staff by diffusing disruptive/destructive behaviors through crisis intervention and verbal counseling whenever possible but when necessary uses physical intervention techniques to gain control of the situation.

Maintains personal skills and proficiency in application the use of defensive tactics through ongoing physical fitness training and academic training. Must physically perform under stress when confronted with an emergency, critical, and/or dangerous situation.

Performs duties such as searches of residents, resident’s personal effects, staff, and visitors in accordance with JCDC policies, and procedures. Inspects and reports units for contraband, hazards and security problems.

Completes logs and prepare written and electronic reports as required. Completes accurate reports and submits them by the end of the shift following the use of physical force and/or mechanical restraints. Demonstrates coherent and effective written communication through reports and memorandums, with both internal and external contacts.

Provides input to management or social services relative to residents' needs or concerns and identifies activities which may positively impact residents.

Operates security and communication equipment including, but not limited to portable radios, metal detectors, and mechanical restraints.

Ensures compliance with federal, state, local and JCDC policies and procedures and court orders.

Performs other job duties as assigned.

Supervisory Responsibilities

Has no direct supervisory responsibility for staff members.

Equipment Operated

Detention security equipment such as computers, cameras, telephones, and radios.

Confidential Data

All court-related information regarding hearings, etc. that the employee may come in contact with by working in the facility.

Working Conditions

While performing duties of this job, the employee frequently walks and stands. With assistance, the employee must be able to physically restrain, chase, and contain juveniles for their protection, protection of others, and/or self-protection. The employee must have the capacity to work in closed environment and work with criminal offenders, some of whom may be dangerous. While supervising offenders, they may interact with others, such as family members and friends of the offender, who may be upset or difficult to work with. Workers may be assigned to work in areas of the institution where there is a risk of violence or communicable disease. Occasionally handles emergency or crisis situations; frequently subject to interruptions, and multiple calls and inquiries.

Usual Physical Demands

Must pass a physical fitness/agility test and be able to demonstrate the following:

1. Ability to push and pull objects, pick up objects, and bend repeatedly in order to move desks, beds, and other furniture to conduct security checks and search residents.

2. Ability to step up on elevated surfaces, such as beds or stools, to conduct room searches.

3. Ability to reach, bend, and stoop to perform security checks, and other tasks.

4. Ability to walk extended periods throughout the facility.

5. Ability to stand for extended periods.

6. Ability to physically restrain residents under adverse conditions, including ability to manage weights of 75lbs to 200lbs when restraining adolescents.

7. Ability to respond to emergency situations according to JCDC policies, procedures and protocols.

8. Ability to correctly handcuff and safely remove handcuffs from residents as needed.

9. Ability to effectively communicate (hear and respond) 10 codes through the intercom/radio transmission monitoring system.

10. Ability to lift and carry containers of items weighing up to 45 lbs.

11. Must be able to work overtime based on departmental needs.

12. Must demonstrate competency in implementing physical force techniques and satisfactorily complete all of the requirements in training of physical force; including passing the annual physical fitness test.

New employees are required to pass Subject Control Intervention (SCI) Training by the end of the introductory period.

No lifting restrictions or light duty are permitted in this position.

Knowledge, Qualifications, Skills, and Abilities

To perform this job successfully, an individual must be able to perform each essential duty satisfactorily. The requirements listed below are representative of the knowledge, skill, and/or ability required.


Must possess good judgment, tact, and diplomacy; must have the ability to manage behavior; ability to give and take direction effectively; knowledge of juvenile treatment practices and the ability to handle crisis situations; knowledge of juvenile laws and best practices pertaining to treatment and confinement of juvenile residents; with assistance, must be able to physically restrain, chase, and contain juveniles for their protection, protection of others, and/or self-protection; capacity to work in closed environment; demonstrated oral and written communication skills in order to maintain clear and accurate reports, documentation, and case files; must maintain strict confidentiality of Cuyahoga County Court of Common Pleas Juvenile Division records and information regarding residents; ability to handle stressful situations, monitor cameras and utilize other electronic equipment such as a computer as required; willing to work in hazardous conditions that occur on a periodic or intermittent basis resulting in a potential risk of physical injury due to working in the environmentally controlled Detention Center, tense and hostile atmosphere, and mental demands; must be able to deal with adolescents in all kinds of physical, mental, and emotional conditions including contagious diseases, loss of bodily functions, rude, vulgar and obscene language, gestures or behavior; must have good judgment in diffusing stressful situations and working with residents with mental health issues. Must possess knowledge of group dynamics and the ability to establish trust and cooperation with juveniles while maintaining an appropriate level of professionalism, assertiveness, and leadership. Proven record of being reliable, prompt, and a strong work ethic.

Education and/or Experience

High School Diploma


Minimum age of 21

Licensure or Certification Requirements


Court Expectations of Employee

In accomplishing the responsibilities of this position, the Court expects that the employee will adhere to the mission and values of the Court as well as all Court policies and procedures. In addition, while carrying out the duties of this position, the employee is expected to model high ethical conduct on and off the job, and exhibit a professional and respectful demeanor with all Court employees.


Court Mission Statement

To administer justice, rehabilitate juveniles, support and strengthen families, and promote public safety.


Application Procedure

Current Cuyahoga County Court of Common Pleas Juvenile Division Employees:

  • The deadline to apply is ________.

  • Please visit to complete and submit the Job Posting Response Form to the Human Resources Division.

  • The Job Posting Response form must be received in Human Resources by the job posting deadline for consideration as a candidate for the posted position.

    External Applicants:

  • This position will remain posted until filled.

  • Please visit to view this posting and to complete and submit the Application for Employment.



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